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1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
£52 pp
Course can be completed in our Virtual Classrooms
Course can be delivered in person

Some key topics that our course covers are: 

• To know more about the different types of Domestic Abuse and how these may present
• To understand the impact that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) have on children and young
• To explore the ‘toxic trio’ and the impact this may have on children & young people
• To understand the impact witnessing/hearing Domestic Abuse has on children & young people, both
short term and long term
• To look at strategies to help support children & young people who have been affected by Domestic

On completion of this training, you will receive a certificate to prove your knowledge and competence in understanding Domestic Abuse and the effect it has on people.

Organisational bookings available, please ask for further details.

Your role and responsibilities once qualified

Once employees have completed a professional Domestic Abuse Awareness training course, they will be equipped to provide a high level of compassionate care and support for individuals affected by domestic abuse.

Staff who are trained in Domestic Abuse Awareness possess the knowledge and skills necessary to offer respectful and compassionate specialist care to those experiencing these challenging situations.

Here at Care Business Associate Training (CBAT), we offer a short, affordable, and invaluable course in Domestic Abuse Awareness. Providing your staff with professional training can dramatically improve the quality of support and care that survivors receive in your care.

Our trusted courses are designed to enhance understanding and effectiveness in handling such sensitive matters, ensuring your team is prepared to make a positive impact in the lives of those they help.

Our trusted courses are Skills for Care certified, and we are the preferred training provider for some of the largest care organisations in the country.

paul blane cbat managing director

This course can be adapted and tailored to meet your staff and organisation’s needs.

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