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You explain your training needs, and we meet them…

At CBAT we understand the pressures and challenges of managing Health and Social Care. Many of us have extensive strategic and practical knowledge of the sector. So when we deliver training, even repeated mandatory courses, we talk to you first, to understand your situation and needs. We’re not interested in providing your team with a duplicate of what they took a year ago. It might tick a box, but what will they learn?

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…with maximum impact and minimum disruption

Many of your staff will have experience already. So, when appropriate, we use the precious time with them to test their competency as well as teach them new things. Our tailored, needs-based approach is designed to give you confidence, through external competency assessment, that your operation is compliant with inspection requirements, in a way that staff attendance at a pre-determined, standard ‘refresher’ course cannot. We build courses from a blend of e-learning, tightly structured practice sessions and multiple competency checks that satisfy your staff’s requirements yet minimise disruption to your organisation’s daily operation.

Why Choose CBAT

We focus on ‘what you need’ as much as ‘what we do’. We have an extensive catalogue of courses but these are not offered on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. They are simply an indication of our capabilities, to start a conversation about how we can tailor your training for maximum effect.

National Coverage

We operate across the UK and Ireland, delivering consistent, national provision

We Listen

Our starting point is to listen to your needs, and meet them

Quality Assurance

We are CPD and Qualsafe certificated, with over 100 experienced trainers

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