2 day(s)
2 year(s)
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
£420 pp
Course can be completed in our Virtual Classrooms
Course can be delivered in person

Some key topics that our course covers are: 

  • Overview of Safeguarding Lead Training containing: What safeguarding is
  • Describe the differences between adult abuse, child abuse and referrals with reports of abuse and the process to follow
  • State the legislation you may need to be aware of
  • Describe how to deal with reports of abuse and the process to follow
  • Describe the referral process and partnership working
  • Look at how your role fits in with the safeguarding process
  • Reflection utilising job description, position within the company, organisational structure, and local policy
  • 360 Accountability
  • Dislocation and Contagion
  • Consent
  • Restrictive Practice
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Participation
  • Outcome measures
  • Supervision Roles within families and groups
  • Use of language

Legislation will be a theme throughout the course so has not been identified separately as a topic.

To qualify for the Safeguarding Level 5 training, delegates must have already completed the Designated Safeguarding Lead Level 4 training. 

“An opportunity to engage in discussion with practitioners, to share practice wisdom, to engage in meaningful discussion, with reference to statutory and good practice guidance. It was a good opportunity to subject my practice wisdom to the critical reflection of others and the course content. ” – Learner

Your role and responsibilities once qualified

Upon completing the Safeguarding Level 5 Training at Care Business Associate Training (CBAT), participants are fully equipped to provide exemplary levels of protection and support for vulnerable groups.

CBAT offers a succinct, cost-effective, and highly valuable Safeguarding Level 5 Training course. Investing in professional safeguarding training significantly enhances the quality of care and protection provided, reflecting positively on the overall service standard of your organisation.

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Registered delegates will be sent pre-course material prior to the scheduled training date. The pre-course material will include literature for reading, expectations of the delegate throughout the course and an initial assessment to be completed and returned no later than three days before the first scheduled delivery date. The initial assessment is a 300-word reflective practice to describe their current knowledge and experience in Safeguarding and what they wish/need to achieve within the course to enable them to be confident in dealing with Safeguarding processes.

  • 2 days virtual training

Final Assessment

Following successful completion of the two-day programme, delegates will be set a final assessment to be submitted within seven days. The Assessment will focus on two distinct areas.

Assignment 1

300-word assignment describing how they will use the information gained within the two-day programme to improve safeguarding standards. This should include an action plan of three key points.

Assignment 2 

Delegates will be asked to complete an investigation into a fictional Safeguarding Incident which has occurred within their setting. As part of the evidence they will view, this will include.

  • Recorded Video Interview – Client (Related Safeguarding)
  • Recorded Video Interview – Clients Relative
  • Written statements – Several Staff Members
  • Supporting Documentation – Care Plans, Daily Case Notes, Medical Records, Incident & Accident Reports.

Delegates must write a report and determine if the allegation/referral is substantiated, part substantiated or unsubstantiated. Within their findings they must show lessons learned, action planning and follow up actions.

Our trusted Safeguarding courses are Skills for Care certified, and we are the preferred training provider for some of the largest care organisations in the country.

paul blane cbat managing director

This course can be adapted and tailored to meet your staff and organisation’s needs.

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Upcoming Courses

Level 5 Safeguarding Training

Care Business Associate Training (CBAT) offers a comprehensive Safeguarding Level 5 Training course, designed specifically for leaders within the healthcare and social care sectors. The primary aim of this course is to equip leaders who sit within strategic roles within Organisations, to have an in depth analysis and review of safeguarding processes within their Organisations and their role within it.

The course will look at unconscious bias and will focus on active oversight, action responses and embedding culture.  It will look at Serious Case Reviews and how to incorporate the lessons learnt from these into their own Organisations.  It will also update you on the current safeguarding landscape and will serve as a refresher on current terminology and language as well as exploring new changes which may impact on your Organisation.  Investigations will also be explored along with interviewing skills, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures.

Enroll in our Safeguarding Level 5 Training to advance your understanding and application of safeguarding measures, thereby enhancing the quality of care and support provided by your Organisation.


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