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End of Life & Verification of Death Outcomes

The objective of this course is to equip healthcare professionals with all the information and skills they require to provide expert, compassionate care to patients who are in the final stages of their life.

Some key areas that this course covers includes:

  • End of life healthcare standards, legislation, and guidelines.
  • Person-centred end of life care plans.
  • How to recognise when someone is entering the last stages of their life.
  • Symptoms and pain relief during the last stages of life.
  • After death care and support available for family members.
  • Verification of death.
  • Providing sensitive and compassionate care to patients and their families.

Once you have completed this short training course you will receive a certificate that formally recognises your competence in providing specialist end of life care and death verification to nationally recognised standards.

Completing this course can help to further an individual’s career as it teaches transferable skills and knowledge that may improve their employability.

Your role and responsibilities once qualified

Once you have completed our training course in End of Life and Verification of Death, you will have the skills and knowledge required to provide specialist care to those in their final days, as well as being able to competently verify deaths.

Some of the responsibilities that you may carry out at work once you have completed this training session include:

  • Provide advice and guidance on end of life and death legislation, standards, and guidelines.
  • Perform verification of death.
  • Handle difficult conversations with patients and their family with compassion and sensitivity.
  • Create, implement, and evaluate person-centred end of life care plans.
  • Carry out pain assessments.
  • Advise on end of life symptom management.
  • Refer relatives to bereavement care and support.
  • When a person’s life is coming to an end, it can be a difficult, emotional, and scary time for both them and their family.

Staff that are qualified in end of life care are equipped with the knowledge and skills they require to provide respectful, and compassionate specialist care for the patient or resident in their final days, making a painful time easier for all involved.

Here at CBAT, we run a short, affordable, and invaluable course in End of Life and Verification of Death. Providing staff with professional training can dramatically improve the quality of care patients receive in their final days and prevent costly and upsetting mistakes from being made

paul blane cbat managing director

This course can be adapted and tailored to meet your staff and organisation’s needs.

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End of Life & Verification of Death Training

One of the most difficult parts of working in health or social care is caring for those who are reaching the end of their life.

Providing care and support to patients or residents and their families during their final days or weeks requires a sensitive and compassionate approach as well as specialist training.
All healthcare staff involved in end of life care should receive professional End of Life and Verification of Death training to help them to act according to national healthcare standards, legislation and guidelines.

Without proper training there is a risk that staff may make mistakes when handling highly sensitive situations, causing distress or upset for patients and their families.
Here at Care Business Associate Training, we provide a professional one-day training course in End of Life and Verification of Death. Our course is suitable for any health or social care professionals involved in end of life care including doctors, nurses, care home nurses, GP nurses, and agency nurses.

This course is usually run online in a virtual classroom, meaning it is accessible and affordable for organisations everywhere. Our online training sessions are run using Zoom video software and advanced virtual classroom technology to provide a live, interactive, and engaging learning experience.

We are a CPD and Qualsafe certified care training business and you can trust our professional and experienced trainers to always deliver the highest level of training in an engaging environment.

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