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Moving & Handling: Train the Trainer Outcomes

The objective of this course is to provide trainers with extensive, expert knowledge in how to safely move and handle people as well as practical experience in effectively passing this knowledge onto others.

The course is broken up into 4 days.

  • Session 1 (online) – A full day learning manual handling operations regulations and theory.
  • Session 2 (face-to-face in your workplace) – A full day of practical learning.
  • Session 3 (online) – A full day learning how to provide effective manual handling training to others.
  • Session 4 – An interactive practical session where you put into practice everything you have learnt by delivering a 25-minute micro-teach session.

Our online sessions are taught by expert trainers with many years of practical experience. We use Zoom video software and advanced online classroom technology to ensure that our live online lessons are as engaging and interactive as our in-person sessions.

Some key areas that this course covers include:

  • Manual handling operations regulations.
  • Manual handling responsibilities.
  • The anatomy and mechanics of the spine.
  • The risks and hazards involved in moving and handling people.
  • Manual handling equipment and techniques.
  • Learning styles and teaching methods.
  • Manual handling moves to avoid.

On completion of this course, the trainer will receive a certificate to confirm that they possess all the knowledge and skills they need to provide engaging and information moving and handling training to staff within an organisation.

When staff within an organisation are provided with first-class manual handling training it reduces the risk of accidents and mistakes occurring which may injure staff or patients and be costly and damaging to an organisation’s reputation.

Here at CBAT, we are a CPD and Qualsafe certified care training business; you can trust our professional and experienced trainers to deliver high quality teaching in an engaging environment.

Your role and responsibilities once qualified

Once your Moving and Handling training is complete, you will have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to provide all staff within an organisation with expert training in how to move and handle people without causing harm to anyone.

The role and responsibilities of a certified moving and handling trainer include:

  • Providing expert advice and guidance in moving and handling within an organisation.
  • Keeping up-to-date with all new developments regarding moving and handling.
  • Creating training presentations, activities, and lesson plans.
  • Providing informative and engaging training to staff in the following:
  • Manual handling legislation
  • Moving and handling company policies.
  • How to perform a moving and handling risk assessment.
  • Correct and incorrect moving and handling techniques.
  • How to choose appropriate manual handling equipment and use it safely.

Investing in your organisation’s trainers is essential if you wish to provide staff with the first-class moving and handling training that is necessary to prevent injuries or even prosecution.

paul blane cbat managing director

This course can be adapted and tailored to meet your staff and organisation’s needs.

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Moving & Handling: Train the Trainer

If you work in health or social care then your role will almost certainly involve moving and handling people regularly, if not daily.

Organisations in the health and social care sector benefit from in-house health and safety trainers who can provide staff with regular, expert advice and training in how to move and handle patients safely.

Without proper training, it is easy for both staff and patients to be harmed during moving or handling exercises.

To provide safe and effective training, the trainer themself must receive up-to-date, professional training in people moving and handling techniques and equipment.

Here at Care Business Associate Training, we provide a comprehensive 4-day Moving and Handling training course for trainers. Our course combines both online learning and practical, face-to-face sessions to equip trainers with the theory, practical experience, and confidence they require to competently train staff in moving and handling people.

Our expert trainers have many years of practical experience and provide engaging and interactive live training sessions that are trusted by some of the largest healthcare organisations in this country.

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