Do CPD certificates expire?

Do CPD certificates expire?

Continuous professional development (CPD) courses and activities allow individuals to improve their professional skills and knowledge.

Upon completion of CPD courses or activities, individuals earn CPD credits and may obtain a CPD certificate.

In this article, we’ll learn more about how long these CPD certificates are valid and how to renew them once they expire.

How long is a CPD certificate valid for?

In most cases, CPD certificates do not display an expiry date. The length of time that a CPD certificate remains valid for depends on the industry, accrediting body, and any specific requirements of the industry or profession. Sometimes, the certificate will display a recommended renewal date, but in most cases, it is up to the individual, their employer, or industry standards and regulations how frequently training needs to be refreshed.

For example, employees in the health and social care sector must complete statutory and mandatory training annually, biannually, or every three years. The CPD certificate usually specifies a renewal date if this is the case.

In other sectors like accounting and legal, professionals must earn a certain number of CPD credits within a specific timeframe (usually annually) to maintain their professional license or membership status.

It is best practice to check with your employer and, where applicable, any professional bodies what the requirements are, if any, for CPD training renewal.

Do CPD certificates expire?

In sectors with strict CPD training requirements, some CPD certificates may feature a renewal date, after which time the validity of the certificate and training would expire.

However, most CPD certificates do not display a formal expiration date, but they may become less relevant or less valuable over time as practices, technologies, or regulations change.

Check the specific requirements of your profession and the guidelines of the certification body to find out whether your CPD certificate has an expiration date and what you need to do to maintain your professional status.

What is the process for renewing a CPD certificate if needed?

The process for renewing a CPD certificate varies depending on the sector you work in, the accreditation body, and the requirements of your role.

If your CPD certificate features a renewal or recommended renewal date, you will need to participate in the course or activity again by the deadline set out by your accrediting body.

In some professions, individuals must complete a certain number of CPD credits (or hours) over a specific timeframe, e.g. 35 credits annually. In this case, you should record all the CPD activities you have completed and the number of credits or hours you have earned.

Once you’ve met the requirements for renewal, you should submit evidence to your CPD accreditation body for review. Depending on the accrediting organisation, you may be required to pay a renewal fee to process the CPD certificate. Once approved, you’ll receive your new CPD certificate.