How much does CPD accreditation cost?

how much does cpd accreditation cost

CPD accreditation offers training providers many attractive benefits, but it does come at a cost.

Obtaining CPD accreditation can provide your training courses and events with credibility. It shows that they have been thoroughly assessed and deemed to meet rigorous CPD standards for quality.

This seal of approval offers training providers a competitive edge and helps them to win more customers.

We are proud to be a CPD-accredited training provider at Care Business Associate Training. We invest in CPD accreditation to assure our customers that our training courses are of the highest standards and to demonstrate compliance with all relevant quality care standards.

In this article, we will explain more about the factors that affect CPD accreditation cost and the value that the accreditation offers.

How much does CPD accreditation cost?

If you’re considering getting CPD accredited, you’ll want to know how much it costs before you decide whether to apply.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question, as the cost of getting accredited can vary widely depending on various factors.

Let’s explore some factors that affect the price of CPD accreditation.

Accrediting body – There are many different accrediting bodies to choose from, each with its own pricing structure. It’s important to do your research to find a reputable accrediting body that offers the best value for money for the type of accreditation you require.

Type of accreditation required – CPD accreditation is available for training providers, courses, events, learning activities, and resources. The type of accreditation required can also influence the cost. For instance, assessing a six-week training course will take longer than assessing a podcast or seminar.

Membership vs one-off – If you require accreditation for multiple courses or learning activities, applying for CPD membership with an accrediting body may be your most cost-effective option. Many accreditation services offer different membership levels, allowing you to choose a level that best suits your requirements. Usually, an annual membership allows you to get a set number of learning activities accredited and access to various other benefits. In contrast, paying a one-off fee may be more cost-effective if you only need one or two events or resources accredited.

Most CPD memberships and accreditations last one year, after which you must renew them. To find out the exact cost of CPD accreditation for your specific needs, we recommend contacting a few different accrediting bodies and asking for a quote. Many accrediting bodies will provide bespoke fees and services to meet your requirements.

Which are the most popular CPD accreditation bodies?

One factor that has a big influence on how much CPD accreditation costs is the accreditation body you choose.

There are many different accreditation bodies to choose from, including some that specialise in accrediting CPD trainers, courses, and resources from particular industries.

Some factors to consider when choosing a CPD accreditation body include reputation, accreditation process, cost, benefits, support, and renewal process and fees.

Some of the most popular, trusted CPD accreditation bodies include:

CPD Certification ServiceOne of the most widely recognised independent CPD accreditation bodies. The CPD Certification Service has over 25 years of experience providing CPD training certification for training courses and events.

CPD Standards Office – Founded as part of a research project into the quality of CPD provision across the country. Book a call with the CPD Standards Office to find out how much it would cost to get accredited with them.

The CPD Group – Offer a free CPD approval service and a comprehensive accreditation service. Use the CPD Group’s price calculator to find out how much it would cost to get accredited with them.

Each of these accreditation bodies has its unique strengths and pricing plans. The best choice for your business depends on your specific needs and budget.

CPD accreditation cost versus value

When weighing up whether it’s worth paying for CPD accreditation, it’s important to consider the long-term value it can offer your business.

There are, undeniably, costs associated with getting accredited, including those associated with investing time and resources into collating documentation, filling out forms, and making any required revisions to training materials.

However, you could argue that it is time and resources well spent considering the value that accreditation offers.

Becoming CPD accredited can boost the credibility of your training courses. Businesses and individuals are more likely to invest in training that is recognised by a respected authority like the CPD. The accreditation process also highlights areas of your training where improvements could be made. When businesses take heed and apply the recommendations, it results in a higher-quality training activity and better outcomes for attendees. In today’s crowded marketplace, CPD accreditation can also help to set your training services apart from your competitors.

In most cases, the enhanced credibility and accompanying benefits that accreditation offers outweigh the cost of the accreditation process.

CPD-accredited health and social care training courses

Here at Care Business Associates, we run a wide range of professional health and social care training courses.

You can browse our range of CPD-accredited health and social care training courses online or call our team on 01772 816 922 to learn more.