How to become medication management certified

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If you work in health or social care and are responsible for administering patient medication, becoming medication management certified can help you to carry out your duties safely and competently.

Handling patient medication is a big responsibility, and health and social care workers doing so must follow strict policies and procedures to ensure that:

  • Medication is always managed safely
  • Patients receive the maximum benefit from their medicines
  • Every effort is made to prevent mistakes

What is medication management training?

According to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), medication management can be defined as “the clinical, cost-effective and safe use of medicines to ensure patients get the maximum benefit from the medicines they need, while at the same time minimising potential harm.

To achieve this, healthcare professionals must be aware of the legislation surrounding medication management and the risks relating to managing patient medication.

They should also have a sound understanding of their employer’s procedures and policies relating to medication management.

Let’s find out more about medication management certification and how you can become certified.

How to become certified in medication management

To become certified in medication management, you will need to enrol on a professional medication management course.

Medication management certification training is a short course that can usually be completed in just one day.

When choosing a training provider, make sure that the course covers all areas of medication management you need it to and is accredited and certified by the relevant bodies.

For example, here at CBAT, our medication management course is CPD accredited and Qualsafe certified.

Key areas that medication management training should cover include:

  • Legislation surrounding medication management
  • Risks relating to handling patient medication
  • Patient medication rights and confidentiality
  • Different types of medication
  • Prescriptions, storing, and dispensing medicines
  • Medication reporting, documentation, and record-keeping

Upon completion of the course, you will be officially certified in medication management, providing you with formal recognition of your competence in managing medication safely and to nationally recognised standards.

Am I eligible to enrol on a medication management training course?

Medication management training is suitable for employees working in the health and social care sector who deal with any aspect of patient medication.

You are not required to possess any other qualifications or experience to enrol; the course is open to anyone working in a relevant role in health or social care.

This can include those working in a variety of healthcare settings, including nurses, support workers, and care workers.

Medication management training with CBAT

Here at Care Business Associate Training, we provide numerous health and social care organisations up and down the country with professional medication management training for their employees.

The course

The objective of our medication management course is to equip individuals with all the knowledge and skills they require to manage patient medication safely and competently.

It aims to teach health and social care staff how to help patients get the maximum benefit from their medication and to help organisations to manage medication cost-effectively.

Our course will benefit any health or social care worker involved in any of the following:

  • Storing medicines
  • Dispensing medicines
  • Medication admin
  • Administering medication
  • Disposing of medicines

Our training

Our certified medication management course is run online by experienced trainers in virtual classrooms, making it accessible and affordable for organisations based in even the most remote locations.

Our one-day course runs from 9.30am until 4.30pm, and is hosted on Zoom video software using advanced online classroom technology.

This allows our trainers to deliver training sessions that are as engaging and interactive as our face-to-face sessions.

The online classroom technology we use even allows for assessments to be completed in real-time on-screen and for students to split up and perform group tasks online.

Training employees in medication management can help to reduce the number of errors made with patient medication.

Errors with medication can have grave consequences, not just on patient health, but also on the health or social care organisation’s finances and reputation.

Excellent medication management policies, procedures, and training can help to improve patient health, reduce costs, and even save lives.

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