How to check CPD accreditation

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation demonstrates that a training provider, activity, or course has undergone an assessment to ensure it meets the rigorous CPD quality standards.

CPD accreditation acts as a mark of quality, assuring businesses and individuals that the course is relevant, high quality, and delivers substantial value.

When searching for professional development opportunities, many people actively seek out CPD-accredited training for quality assurance. In some industries, CPD accreditation isn’t just preferred – it’s mandatory. This makes it essential that individuals understand how to verify the accreditation of a training activity to maintain compliance within their industry.

In this article, we will provide guidance on how to check CPD accreditation.

How to check if a training provider is CPD accredited

Choosing a CPD-accredited training provider is a reliable way of ensuring that the training course or activity meets certain quality and relevance standards.

Most training providers that have been accredited display the CPD logo or symbol on their website. This is one way to identify accredited courses and training services quickly.

However, the most reliable way of checking is by searching the CPD Register.

The CPD Register is a free and independent register that operates alongside CPD accreditation bodies to keep an up-to-date record of every accredited CPD activity and course.

You can use the CPD Register to search for a course, seminar, webinar, event, workshop, distance learning, or individual trainer.

Training providers that are CPD accredited should display a CPD logo featuring their unique accreditation number on their website and marketing materials. This accreditation number can be entered into the search bar on the CPD Register website to verify accreditation.

To search for an accredited training provider or activity, visit, enter the activity title, accreditation number, or trainer name into the search bar, and click “search register”.

The CPD Register tells you whether an activity is accredited and how many CPD credits it has.

How to know if your own business is still CPD-accredited

The length of time that CPD accreditation is valid varies depending on what has been accredited and the accreditation body used. Accreditation usually needs to be renewed regularly, and it’s important to keep up with renewal deadlines, particularly if you promote your training activities as accredited.

Training providers who operate CPD-accredited courses or activities can use the CPD Register to check whether their business or training activity’s accreditation is still valid.

When you first receive accreditation, you may have received a certificate. If so, this document and any associated communications or paperwork may specify how long the accreditation is valid.

You can contact your accreditation body directly if you need any further information. Some accreditation bodies provide their customers with an online portal that offers easy access to important details regarding renewal dates.

By following these steps, training providers can find out when they need to renew their accreditation and the steps they need to take to do so and retain their accredited status.