Is CPD a recognised accreditation?

is cpd a recognised accreditation

Organisations offering continuing professional development (CPD) training courses, events, or resources can boost the credibility and visibility of their services by becoming CPD accredited.

Training providers can apply for CPD accreditation through a CPD accreditation body. Their training activities are then assessed against CPD standards, benchmarks, and industry standards. If they meet the required standards, they are given the CPD mark of approval and awarded CPD accreditation.

Once accredited, the training provider can display the CPD logo on its website and marketing materials to demonstrate the high quality of its learning activity. It’s possible to apply for accreditation for an individual training provider and a wide range of learning activities, including seminars, workshops, events, podcasts, and more.

Whilst CPD accreditation is not a requirement, getting accredited has many advantages. If you’re considering accreditation, you may wonder how widely recognised it is and whether getting accredited is worth the time and expense.

This article will explore how widely recognised CPD accreditation is and what steps training providers and organisations should take to get themselves or their learning activities CPD accredited.

Is CPD a recognised accreditation?

When deciding whether to get CPD accredited, many training providers, businesses, and individuals offering continuous professional development (CPD) training ask, ‘Is CPD a recognised accreditation?

The answer is yes. CPD accreditation is not just recognised and respected within the UK but all around the world! Recognition is not limited to a specific industry either. At Care Business Associate Training, our team recommends CPD accreditation to organisations offering CPD training and learning activities within the health and social care sector. However, CPD accreditation is also widely respected across other sectors, including law, finance, hospitality, construction, and engineering.

When a training course, event, resource, or other learning activity has been awarded a CPD-accredited certificate, it demonstrates that it has been independently assessed and verified as meeting strict CPD standards. CPD accreditation acts as a mark of quality and educational excellence.

Many employers and individuals that require CPD training or learning activities actively seek out those that are CPD-accredited for quality assurance and to give them confidence that they will enhance their skills, knowledge, and career prospects.

The recognition and high regard that CPD accreditation offers can give accredited training providers, organisations, and individuals a significant edge over their competitors.

Examples of providers that are CPD accredited

CPD accreditation benefits organisations of all shapes and sizes, from independent trainers to large organisations running numerous CPD training courses and events.

Anyone can check if a training provider is CPD accredited and search for high-quality professional development opportunities using the CPD Register.

The CPD Register is a comprehensive directory of CPD-accredited training providers, events, and resources. Once a CPD accreditation body has awarded accreditation to a training provider or learning activity, it is added to the official CPD register.

Examples of training providers that are CPD-accredited can be found on the CPDUK website here and include the following:

  • FutureLearnA global learning platform that offers CPD-accredited courses from some of the world’s leading universities and brands. FutureLearn’s CPD courses are 100% online and on-demand, making it easier and more convenient than ever for learners to access.
  • Virtual CollegeOffering affordable, certified training for the workplace. Virtual College delivers training to more than 3.5 million learners and various organisations. Its range of over 400 eLearning courses are delivered online through a user-friendly learning platform.
  • The University of OxfordThe University of Oxford’s Department for Continuing Professional Development offers a range of part-time CPD courses and award programmes
  • High Speed TrainingSpecialises in food safety, health and safety, safeguarding and business online eLearning training courses to help individuals grow their workplace skillsets.
  • Care Business Associate TrainingHere at CBAT, we run various health and social care CPD-accredited training courses. We offer a tailored, needs-based approach to learning and offer both e-learning and face-to-face courses across the UK and Ireland.

How to become CPD accredited

To become CPD accredited, you must apply through a CPD accreditation body. Some of the most popular institutions offering accreditation include the CPD Certification Service, CPD Standards Office, and The CPD Group.

The accreditation process can be roughly split up into eight steps.

Step 1 – Fill out and submit an online form applying for accreditation.

Step 2 – Submit training activities for assessment.

Step 3 – A CPD assessor will evaluate your training course material.

Step 4 – Receive feedback on your submission. If any changes or improvements are needed, the accreditation body will provide guidance on how to get your training materials up to standard.

Step 5 – Once you meet all criteria, the accrediting body will grant your CPD accreditation.

Step 6 – Once accredited, you will be listed in the CPD Register, and you can promote your accreditation by using the CPD logo on your website, course materials and marketing materials.

Step 7 – You must now work to maintain the standard of your learning activities to ensure their quality and relevance and retain your accreditation.

Step 8 – You will need to renew your accreditation periodically. Check with your accreditation body to determine the frequency with which you must do so.

Applying for CPD accreditation demonstrates a commitment to quality, excellence, and growth. Whether you’re a sole training provider or a large institution, achieving CPD accreditation validates the quality of your learning activities and gives you a distinct advantage in the competitive marketplace. Investing in CPD accreditation is an investment in your business’s future, the advancement of your participants, and the industry you work within.