What are the benefits of virtual classroom training?

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Virtual classroom training has become more sophisticated than ever with the advancement of technology. Trainers can now deliver training sessions over the internet that almost perfectly replicate the in-person experience.

Gone are the days of flat, pre-recorded training sessions. Virtual classrooms are now live, interactive, and engaging, and many people find them more convenient and cost-effective than face-to-face training.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also pushed virtual classroom training to the forefront as it has allowed individuals to keep developing and advancing their knowledge and skills during a time when meeting trainers in-person is no longer safe.

What is virtual classroom training?

A virtual classroom is an online platform that connects trainers with students in real-time, allowing training sessions to be conveniently carried out remotely over the internet.

This means training sessions can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, usually at home or at work. The virtual classroom is accessed using a device connected to the internet, usually a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Professional virtual training sessions like those that we offer here at CBAT use advanced virtual classroom technology to replicate the in-person training experience.

How does a virtual training session work?

During a virtual training session, students login to the virtual classroom at the time that the lesson is due to take place to access their live training session via a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet.

At CBAT, our training sessions are carried out via Zoom and using advanced virtual classroom technology. Our sessions are not pre-recorded and are designed to retain the interactive element of an in-person training session.

As well as being taught live by our most experienced trainers, our online training also features on-screen assessments and group activities, making them as engaging and interactive as our in-person sessions.

Benefits of virtual classroom training

When you choose virtual classroom training with CBAT you can rest assured that you will receive the same consistently high standards of training that you would in-person alongside a few additional benefits.

Just some of the reasons that so many people are now choosing online training over in-person training include:


The most obvious benefit of virtual classroom training is how it can be conveniently fitted in with minimal disruption to students’ home or work life. Virtual training sessions can be completed from either home, work, or any other convenient location of your choice. There is no need to travel or take any more time out of your day than the length of the session. This is beneficial to both the student and the business or organisation that they work for.

No travel required

Travelling to attend training sessions can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming.  Completing your training in a virtual classroom eliminates the need to travel anywhere, so no more worrying about traffic or delayed trains.

Reduced costs

Opting for online training over face-to-face learning can be a more cost-effective option. The online training sessions themselves are often more affordable than in-person sessions as they tend to require less overheads to run. For businesses and organisations, putting employees through online training sessions also means less expenses to pay as travelling for face-to-face training may incur transport, accommodation, petrol, and food expenses.

Time efficient

Travelling to attend a training session is often an all day affair, sometimes even requiring an overnight stay depending how far you have travelled. Attending a training session remotely only requires you take the length of the training session out of your day.


Our online training sessions make our professional training sessions easily accessible to people from all over the country. Our offices are located in Southport, but if this is too far for you to travel then there’s no need for you to miss out, you can simply register for our online course instead.


The advanced online classroom technology that we use for our online training courses means that our lessons are as engaging and interactive as our in-person sessions, allowing you to interact live with the trainer and participate in group activities. We find that participation is high in our online courses as there are multiple ways to interact online and those that may be uncomfortable participating face-to-face often feel more confident participating online.

Safety during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made continuing to carry out face-to-face training more challenging. Whilst the pandemic has forced many organisations and businesses to put things on hold, the training and development of your staff doesn’t need to be one of them. During these times, online training courses provide individuals with a safe way to continue learning and developing their skills and knowledge.

In the care industry the additional pressure put on the industry by the Covid-19 health crisis has made it more important than ever to be able to keep training and developing staff.

Why choose virtual classroom training with CBAT?

Here at Care Business Associate Training, we believe that virtual classroom training can be of real benefit to many businesses and individuals and we are committed to providing the highest standards of online training.

We cherry-pick our very best and most experienced trainers for leading our virtual classroom sessions and use advanced online learning environments to ensure that our virtual sessions are as engaging and informative as our in-person training.

Our team can also create tailor-made courses where required to ensure that the training received is the perfect fit for your employees and you’re getting the best value possible for your money.

Our training sessions are used by some of the largest healthcare organisations in the UK because we offer consistently high standards of training and excellent value for money.

Find an online course

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