What is a CPD qualification equivalent to?

is cpd accreditation worth it

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) qualifications can be obtained by completing a professional development activity accredited by a recognised CPD accreditation body.

These activities include courses, seminars, workshops, webinars, and more. Completing a CPD activity and earning CPD points demonstrates an individual’s ongoing commitment to professional development and learning.

In this article, we’ll explore just how important and valuable CPD qualifications are and whether their value can be compared to any other qualifications.


How valuable is a CPD qualification?

CPD qualifications are undoubtedly valuable across all sectors and businesses as they help improve employees’ knowledge and skills, creating a more informed and competent workforce.

However, there are some industries where CPD qualifications play a more prominent role. In these industries, they are not just nice to have; they are essential, as individuals must earn CPD credits, certificates, or qualifications as part of their role. In some industries, obtaining CPD credits or qualifications is required to maintain professional licenses or memberships. This is true for those working in industries like healthcare, law, and accounting.

In other industries, certain CPD qualifications may be essential for maintaining compliance with industry laws or regulations.

Even outside these professions, CPD qualifications are important to employees’ personal development and growth. Earning CPD qualifications can give individuals and the businesses they work for credibility, help to build employee confidence, and create a more effective workforce.

On a more personal level, obtaining a CPD qualification or certificate can be very valuable for career progression as it demonstrates to employers that you are committed to improving your knowledge and skills within your field. This can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates and open up doors to new job opportunities.


What is a CPD qualification equivalent to?

There is no direct academic equivalent to a CPD qualification. This is because CPD qualifications come in all different shapes and sizes and are usually designed to supplement and expand on existing professional skills and knowledge rather than acting as a standalone qualification. In most cases, employees participate in CPD activities to maintain, update, and expand their existing skills and knowledge.

While CPD qualifications are great to have on your CV, completing one is more about improving your performance in your role rather than obtaining the physical certificate. Applying the knowledge learned to improve your performance in the workplace is the real objective of pursuing a CPD qualification. Therefore, the effectiveness of a CPD qualification often hinges on how well the knowledge gained is then applied in the workplace.

CPD qualifications are a versatile and valuable component of professional development. Rather than serving as a formal academic credential, their value lies in the practical application of knowledge and expansion of skills. CPD qualifications signal an ongoing commitment to professional development and learning, which is highly valued by employers and colleagues alike.