What is an ILM accreditation?

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Effective leadership and management are fundamental to the success of businesses across all industries and sizes. If you’re keen to enhance your own capabilities, or if your organisation aims to elevate its team’s leadership and management skills, professional training programmes are the most effective option. However, with so many different training programmes available, how can you know which offers the highest quality standards and the best value for money? Enter the ILM accreditation. An institute that aims to develop and support the standard of leadership and management training available. In this article, we’ll explain what the ILM is and the benefits of choosing an ILM-accredited training qualification.

What is the ILM?

ILM stands for the Institute of Leadership and Management, a UK-based specialist membership organisation dedicated to raising the professional standards of leaders and managers. Since 2001, the ILM has been part of the City & Guilds Group, a global leader in skills development.

The ILM is one of the most respected leadership and management development institutions. Its main aim is to develop and support the growth of those in leadership and management roles, helping them make a difference within their organisation and beyond. It achieves this by helping employers and training providers to develop, assess, and accredit leaders.

ILM qualifications

The ILM works with a global network of over 2,000 approved centres to deliver leadership and management qualifications. It works with training providers, employers, learners, and universities to deliver management, leadership, mentoring, coaching, and sector or skill-specific qualifications. Its range of qualifications caters to individuals at all levels, from Level 2 qualifications suitable for newly promoted supervisors to Level 7 qualifications for senior managers. ILM programmes are flexible, allowing learners to tailor their studies to their specific needs or career goals. The institute’s expert consultants can even develop bespoke training programmes to support specific needs. ILM qualifications are the most popular leadership and management qualifications and apprenticeships on the market in the UK today – over 70,000 people register for an ILM qualification every year!


Accreditation services

Organisations offering leadership and management training programmes can apply to the ILM for accreditation. Gaining ILM accreditation demonstrates that your training services or programmes meet high leadership and management training standards. Gaining the ILM’s stamp of approval can enhance a programme’s quality, credibility, and perceived value.


Resources, research, and guidance

Beyond its range of respected qualifications, the ILM also offers resources, research, and guidance to help support the continuous professional development of leaders and managers and the organisations and training centres that provide them. With over 50 years of leadership training expertise, the ILM offers a huge range of training resources, including content and tools designed to help trainers develop, accredit, and assess leaders, an ILM centre support toolkit to help trainers market, publicise, and promote their services, training videos, case studies, and much more.


What is an ILM accreditation?

ILM accreditation is the process through which leadership and management training providers can gain official recognition from the ILM for their services and training programmes. Gaining recognition demonstrates that the provider’s services meet the ILM’s high standards, giving the training course credibility and helping providers to stand out from competitors and gain trust.

ILM-accredited training providers can display the ILM logo or stamp of approval on their website to promote their accreditation and enhance their services’ credibility.

There are several different types of ILM accreditation available. Training providers can either apply to become ILM Recognised, ILM and City & Guilds Assured, or an ILM approved centre.


ILM Recognised

So, what does it mean to be ILM-recognised? The ILM-recognised accreditation demonstrates the value of your leadership programme, providing confidence that it meets the global quality standards and ILM Recognised Quality Measures. Once approved, the organisation can display the ‘ILM Recognised’ logo on its website, the training programme page, and email signatures. All learners who complete the training programme will be issued a digital credential confirming that they have completed an ILM-recognised training programme.


ILM and City & Guilds Assured

The ILM and City & Guilds Assured accreditation service demonstrates the holistic quality of your in-house training programmes. The ILM Assured service recognises training delivery quality across multiple training programmes. The ILM Assured services offer training and support to providers in improving their services in accordance with the Assured benchmark standards. Once approved, the training organisation can use the ‘ILM Assured’ badge to promote their programme. All learners who complete the training will also receive an ILM Assured certificate.

ILM approved centre

The ILM also offer organisations that consistently deliver high-quality leadership and management training the opportunity to become an ILM-approved centre. To be approved, an organisation must meet the ILM’s strict criteria. Once approved, they can display an ‘ILM Approved Centre’ badge on their marketing materials.


Why choose a course that is ILM accredited?

When searching for a leadership and management training course for yourself or your organisation’s employees, it’s important to have confidence that you are investing in a high-quality course that offers excellent value for money. With so many different training programmes available, choosing an ILM-accredited course is a quick and reliable way of ensuring the course’s quality. Let’s learn more about why so many learners look for training courses with ILM accreditation.

  • Quality assurance – ILM accreditation assures that the training meets high content, delivery, and assessment standards. This gives learners confidence that the programme will enhance their leadership and management skills, enabling them to perform better in their roles and drive better results for themselves and their organisations.
  • Credibility – Individuals who have completed ILM-accredited training demonstrate that they possess leadership and management skills to a recognised and respected standard.
  • Internationally recognised – The ILM is recognised and respected worldwide, assuring learners that their qualifications will be recognised no matter where their career takes them.
  • Increase employability – Listing an ILM-recognised training programme on your CV can help to enhance your employability and professional standing, setting you apart in a competitive job market and demonstrating your commitment to your professional development.

Whether selecting a qualification to enhance your leadership and management skills or develop employees’ skills within an organisation, an ILM-accredited course will help you achieve the highest professional development standards.


ILM Leadership and Management courses

The huge breadth of ILM leadership and management training courses and qualifications allows individuals working in any sector and at any level to develop their leadership and management skills with an ILM-accredited qualification.

Whether you’re stepping into a leadership role for the first time or a seasoned senior manager, an ILM qualification can help you develop your skills and continue to grow, improve, and inspire within your role.

You can discover more about the ILM’s accredited qualifications on its website using its qualification finder tool.

We are proud to be an ILM-approved centre at Care Business Associate Training. We offer a range of professional leadership and management qualifications suitable for individuals at all levels.

Two of our most popular leadership and management courses are the City and Guilds Level 3 and Level 4 Awards in Leadership and Management. These comprehensive qualifications are ideal for people working in a management role with no formal training or those working in leadership roles who wish to develop their skills and progress in their careers.

The Level 3 and Level 4 Awards in Leadership and Management cover various topics, including how to lead and motivate a team effectively, conflict management, stress management, leadership style development, and fostering a culture to support innovation and improvement in the workplace.

Our dynamic, ILM-accredited qualifications use a blend of eLearning, supervision discussion, reading material, reflective accounts, and classroom attendance.

All ILM learners are entitled to at least one year of free ILM student membership, providing access to useful learning resources and tools to aid their professional development.

For more information about any of our ILM-accredited qualifications or to book your place on a course, call our team on 01772 816 922 or email ilm@cba-training.co.uk.